Fact Sheet

Release Date: Early 2022


PC: Steam

Console: Nintendo Switch: TBA

Developer: Simon Andersen / Pretty French Games Location: Paris, France Publisher: Pretty French Games


Website Twitter Discord

Contacts: Simon Andersen [email protected]

About the Game

Pale Night - the platformer where light is the enemy.

Help Pal overcome the curse forcing him to hide from light. Explore the world of Vector and join an epic adventure through a beautiful world of shapes and colors in this tight platformer where light is the enemy.

Pale Night is a styled minimalist 2D adventure with a twist on the classic platformer genre, where your character must avoid light at all cost. During your journey through the Vector world you'll explore sleeping forests, moody caverns, and overcome your fears within the Mount thunder.

The world of Pale Night is filled with hidden secrets and puzzles based on lights and shadows. Collecting all prisms add an extra challenge for players who are willing to conquer it. Use the dash orb to move lightning fast under the shadows and showcase your platforming skills within speedrunning challenges.

About the Developer

Pretty French Games is a one-man studio based in Paris, France, founded by Simon Andersen, former Machine Learning Engineer at Nvidia. Simon strives to create games that build upon his beloved classics with unique mechanics and exciting worlds to discover. Pale Night is the studio’s debut title. The original soundtrack for the game is composed by Zenibuka.

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